Welcome to Barrow & Bear Travel + Coffee

A place to plan your next adventure

or grab a coffee, whatever floats your cruise boat.

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About Barrow & Bear

We love travel! Absolutely love it. We love to talk about it, love to hear about your adventures, and love to live it!

But that's just travel. How do you combine another love; Coffee into the equation? I know! A Travel Agency and Coffee Shop FUSION! AND BAM.... Barrow & Bear Travel + Coffee is born.

We are your unique style of travel agency. A place of comfort and relaxation, while you sip that perfectly poured latte, or sample a worldly designed menu, sure to get you in the mood to think about that next holiday.

Here at Barrow & Bear Travel, you get to work with experienced staff and talk with "real" people providing "real" service. We are here to support you from the minute you walk in for a quote, until you're back home - with us being on call, 24/7 for any travel assistance you may need during your trip.

What are you waiting for? Come in store and speak with one of our friendly team.

Remember! At Barrow & Bear it's Your Ideas. Your Adventures.

Catering - Lets Party

Barrow & Bear Coffee offers a range of corporate or private catering. Please contact our staff to discuss our options or to enquire about pricing. 

24 Hour notice is required for any catering packages.

Truly Great Coffee & Food!

Our Organic blend has truly travelled the world. Our beans are picked up from Brazil, Papua New Guinea, Guatemala, Sumatra, Colombia and Nicaragua.

The full body gives you a 'melt in the mouth' chocolaty flavour, that lingers like you know you've just had a great cuppa.

Our menu has been designed with ideas from all corners of the world, taking flavour inspiration from different countries and cities sure to get that travel bug itching for its next trip away.

Bean Of The Month - September

Burundi Kirundo
Sweet Pea, Peach, Blueberry, Chocolate

A collaborative effort from farmers in the Mutara hills and the Cafex washing station, this coffee bursts with richness and complexity. A sweet blend of tropical fruit and florals in the aroma, peach and blueberry flavours and a lingering smooth, chocolate aftertaste in a syrupy, smooth body creates an exceptionally well-balanced and complete coffee. The natural processing method has brought the fruit and floral characteristics forward, and the natural sweetness of the Bourbon varietal really shines through. A beautiful example of the best coffees coming from Burundi, the heart of Africa.